PhD in Fun

The University of Brattleboro offers diplomas for those deserving the title “Ph.D. in Fun”. However, the University does require a little documentation before we can send you your Diploma.

If you would like to receive a Ph.D. from the University of Brattleboro, send some evidence and a summary of a fun event you have created for your community. YouTube and Vimeo videos are considered excellent documentation, but other forms of evidence and a short summary of the event are also accepted. Three paragraphs are plenty. Simply write in your evidence in the comments section below.

We do charge $7 for the diploma, which covers the cost of printing and helps defray other costs incurred by faculty as they help to make Brattleboro a better place.

Projects such as these cost some to put on. Rest assured that by purchasing your Diploma from the University of Brattleboro, you are contributing to hijinks in Southern Vermont.

Another great feature about our diplomas: unlike those issued by other institutions of higher learning, ours can be modified according to your requests and suggestions. We will print the changes in the text of your Diploma. Furthermore, we are happy to write your Diploma as a cryptogram, if you would prefer it to require a certain amount of intelligence to decipher. Traditionally, this was achieved by writing Diplomas in dead languages, such as Ancient Greek or Latin. Cryptograms are sooo much more interesting, we feel, and add an aura of uniqueness to our Diplomas.

Here is some sample text. Let us know what changes you might like, and we will be happy to oblige.


    The University of Brattleboro


This document is awarded to _______________, as proof of the fact that ____________ had a good time helping others have a really good time, and thus is worthy of a Ph.D. in fun, and all the rights and responsibilities associated therewith. Furthermore, __________ is eligible to become an adjunct faculty member in good standing at the University of Brattleboro, this day and in perpetuity, even beyond the extent of their natural days, i.e, even after they are dead.

We hope to have images of our Diplomas up on this website soon.

Contact Rolf.Parkerhoughton@gmail.com if you are interested in getting your Ph.D.